Final Project – Supplemental Post

Discussion Prompt: Start this discussion by reading the article “Autonomous Weapon Systems and US Military Robotics ” As an experienced programmer you’ve seen how difficult it is to fully debug complex programs, such as some of the AI applications that we worked on in this course. What is your opinion on the desirability of any […]

Reading Set 2

Ambiguity as a Resource for Design This article presents a somewhat concise perspective on how ambiguity is conceptualized and implemented within technology. The key thought that I have come away from this reading is how applicable ambiguous design is to instances of artistic works, yet is in my opinion nearly unusable in practical endeavors. However, […]

Project 2 – Alternative Interface Prototype

Mock Up – Surveillance Jacket The overall concept which I have designed is a jacket integrated with a sensor suite and computer to increase situational awareness and provide surveillance related functionality. Such a garment would be intended for undercover operations ranging from low to high risk and therefore be constructed from Kevlar and other durable […]

Exercise 4: Serial Communication

Part 1 Completing this section was completely straightforward, as both the digital and analog tutorials clearly showed how to construct the circuits necessary. Neither presented me with any issues, although I did experiment with reversing the value returned by the potentiometer in the analog tutorial by swapping the power and ground connections. Part 2 For […]

Reading Set 1

From Rituals to Magic: Interactive Art and HCI of the Past, Present, and Future by Jeon et al. Within the article I found the section on interaction and interactivity to be the most interesting. Specifically, the explanation on the distinction between “quasi interactivity” and “full interactivity.” Prior to this I had not considered categorizing interaction […]

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